1.16/4/2019Tamil Nadu State council for Science and Technology(TNSCST) Recent trends in solar power production, storage methods & utilization of solar powerApplied
2.17/4/2019TNSCST Mini ProjectAn implementation of an underground cable fault detection by using digitalized methodCompleted
3.17/4/2019TNSCST Mini ProjectExperimental investigation on production of biogas by using water hyacinth cow dogCompleted
4.17/4/2019TNSCST Mini ProjectRescuing of person in the sea by using ISS satellite tracker Completed
5.11/5/2019Armament Research Board (DRDO)Smart Electrical Vehicles for civilian and military applicationApplied
6.8/6/2019Council of Scientific & Industrial Research(CSIR)Towards Hazard-free wearable health monitors (BioWiTel)Rs. 40,000/- Fund Received
7.8/6/2019Indian National Science Academy(INSA)Smartphone - based screening application for glaucomaApplied
8.8/6/2019Ministry of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE)Renewable Energy the silver bullet to India's ElectricityApplied
9.11/6/2019Indian Council of Social Science Research(ICSSR)Special Scheme For Farmers For The Installation Of Solar Pumps And GridRs. 40,000/- Fund Received
10.11/6/2019Ministry of Earth Sciences(MoES)Web-Based Tool To Identify Wheat VarietiesApplied
11.11/6/2019Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO)Solar Farm In Space Could Be Renewable Energy's Next Frontier Applied
12.17/6/2019University Grants Commission(UGC)Jammer Proofing Communication SystemsGot Recommendation
13.17/6/2019Department of Economic Analysis & Research, NABARDA Light-Based Sensor To Monitor Blood SugarGot Recommendation
14.17/6/2019Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY)Enabling Robust, High-Density Electronics With GrapheneApplied
15.31/5/2019Science and Engineering Research board(SERB)Silicon carbide power Electronics for HEVApplied
16.3/07/2019Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) Silicon Carbide Power ElectronicsApplied
17.3/07/2019Department of Indian Space Research Organisation(DRDO)Machinability of Titanium AlloysApplied
18.3/07/2019Indian National Science Academy (INSA)Painless InoculationApplied
19.3/07/2019Department of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)The Machining of TitaniumApplied
20.3/07/2019Ministry of Information And Electronics Technology(MeitY)A Burst of Radio Waves 'Missing Matter'Applied
21.3/07/2019Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE)New Trends in Bio Hydrogen ProductionApplied
22.3/07/2019Ministry of Water Resources(MoWR)A New Approach To Classify Urban Coastal AreasApplied
23.3/07/2019Tamil Nadu State council for Science & Technology (TNSCST)Nanotech-Based Sensor to Car Crash DetectionRs.15,000/- Sanctioned
24.3/07/2019University Grants Commission(UGC)Analysis of Soil Samples "Extra-Terrestrial Rocks"Applied
25.3/07/2019NABARDOrganic Bio-FertilizerApplied
26.17/06/2019Tamil Nadu State council for Science and Technology(TNSTC)New Finding in Nanomedicine Brings Hope to Cancer TreatmentApplied
27.17/06/2019National Board for Higher Mathematics Mathematics to crack down drug resistant hepatitis C virusApplied
28.04/08/2019Indian National Science Academy(INSA) A Study Reveals Organisms MoveApplied
29.04/08/2019Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Clean Water And Clean EnergyApplied
30.04/08/2019University Grants Commission (UGC)Additive Manufacturing "3D Printing"Applied
31.04/08/2019University Grants Commission (UGC)National conference on innovations in Electronics & Communication Engineering (NCIECE'20)Applied
32.04/08/2019Ministry of New and Renewable EnergyRecent Trends In Solar Generation (NC RTSG'20)Applied
33.04/08/2019Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology(MeitY)Hands on training for solar panel erection with soft switchingApplied
34.04/08/2019Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) Hands on training of Electrical Machines Winding (AC & DC)Applied
35.19/8/2019MOBROBS-AICTE1.Renewable Energy Lab- EEE
2.VLSI Design Lab- ECE
3. Construction Materials Lab-Civil
36.30/11/2019CSIRClean water and Clean Energy Applied
37.19 /12/2019 CSIR, TNSCST ,UGCAutomation in Construction by Contour Crafting Technology Awaiting
38.19 /12/2019 CSIR, TNSCST ,UGCExploring Internet Of Things(IOT) Based Implementations On Raspberry Pi Awaiting
39.19 /12/2019CSIR, TNSCST ,UGC Precision Micro MachiningAwaiting
40.19/12/2019 CSIR, TNSCST ,UGC Emerging Electronic Materials Technologies And ApplicationsAwaiting
41.11/12/2019MNRE"Landfills"- Gold for Electric Power GenerationApplied
42.11/12/2019NAACNAAC Accreditation Frame workApplied
43.11/12/2019CSIRQuantum Thermo electrics based on Two Dimensional Semi Dirac Materials Applied
44.11/12/2019TNSCSTCo-Po/Pso's-PEO's Assesment & Effective Pedagogical ToolsApplied
45.11/12/2019DRDO"OPALS" A laser CommunicationER & IPR Approval Pending
46.21/12/2019AICTE (FDP)Artificial Intelligence to Energy Efficient SystemAwaiting
47.4/01/2020AICTE (STTP)Enriching knowledge on IPR, Copyrights, Trademarks, Design and Patent Awaiting
48.20/01/2020CSIR,MNREHands on Training Workshop on Power Electronics Converter & Emulation for Solar PVAwaiting
49.20/01/2020ICSSRMagnetism workshop for Young Scientist Awaiting
50.10/02/2020TNSCSTAgricultural and plastic waste management mechanism Awaiting
51.18/02/2020MNRE,CSIRRecent Trends on Waste to Energy Conversion ManagementAwaiting
52.18/02/2020ICSSRHumanoid Robot DevelopmentAwaiting
53.12/03/2020CSIR Valuation Of Ecosystem Goods And ServicesAwaiting
54.12/03/2020TNSCSTAutomatic Insulin Injector at affordable Expenditure Awaiting